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Social media and digital marketing

Copper Phoenix is able to set up applications for you and train you in the use of Social Media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc – these are becoming increasingly essential marketing and PR tools.


So why should you use Social Media?

To Compete with Bigger Companies.

Social Media enables SMEs to compete against bigger organisations in building their brand and advertising their products. Smaller companies can actually have an advantage by communicating with their customers on a more personal level. 

It makes you more accessible which in turn cultivates trust in you and your brand and encourages ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

Reputation Management.

Many companies are wary of using Social Media because they are afraid of negative comments. But the reality is that things will still be said about you whether you are using it or not; you must be in a position to defend yourself and reduce any bad press.

People can find you: If you are using Social Media correctly you can create a ‘buzz’ and get people talking about your products, brand, services, venue etc. Whatever your business is, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field by answering relevant questions and providing helpful advice.

Search Engine Optimisation.

Increasing you profile will increase your link-ability which in turn moves you higher in the search engines. The more active you are on Social Media and the more links you create, the more you will appear in Google searches relating to your business.


We offer a number of packages involving Social Media from creating them for you to running accounts on your behalf.

We can give you advice on all your Digital Marketing, including options for marketing through Television, Radio, Internet and Mobile channels.

For further information please get in Contact!





Tim was friendly and helpful, and came up with some fantastic suggestions to assist us. His knowledge of marketing and the options available to us was superb and his support to put these new ideas into practice has been excellent

Gemma Lyle, The Main Event

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